New at TransferChain -   March 2024

New at TransferChain - March 2024

Esra Turan

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🚀 Read on to discover all the new product updates from March. From new features to new performance improvements, we shipped a handful of new capabilities for all of our users.


  • Folder upload capability: Folders can now be directly uploaded to spaces.
  • Preview compatibility for media files (mov, mp4 etc.): Video files can now be previewed up to 25 MB
  • Shared Storage now includes the “Owner” column: The Space owner can now be seen in the space details.
  • Optimized Transactions: The time it takes to complete grouped actions improved significantly such as multiple file deletion, moving multiple folders, etc. This is a major improvement to our blockchain authorization structure.
  • Shared Files + Shared Spaces Separation: There is a new section called "Files" now. In this section, there is no need to create a space to share files with someone. The Files section can be utilized for single file uploads by the users themselves, or they can share a single file with other users.
  • Increased File Request Upload Size Limit: New File Requests created will now have an increased limit, we have upgraded it from 500 MB to 2-4 GB (according to plans/tiers).
  • Space “View Details”: Users can now view details of the spaces, including the space name, who it is shared with, the space owner, and the space description.
  • File “View Details”: Users can now view details of the files, including the file name, file location, file owner, file type, and the size of the file.
  • Drag & Drop upload capability: Easily upload folders within your space using the drag-and-drop method, with ongoing efforts to enable multiple uploads simultaneously.
  • UI Improvements: Experience smoother File Request, Login, and Forgot Password processes with our updated interface.

🔐 We’re always looking to make your experience of using TransferChain better and more secure.

🥳 We’ll keep you updated as we ship more improvements. The following Monthly Update for April will arrive at the beginning of May 2024.

📋🖐🏻 For any questions, as always, reach out to our Customer Support. You can also drop us a line on Twitter or Discord. And if you’re new to TransferChain, you can try it for free today or request a demo to get started.